Silicon Valley Business Journal: Startup Cache helps those with too much of their wealth in one stock

Adero Partners was recently featured in the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

“Startup Cache is helping those with a nice problem to have: They’ve done so well amassing shares in their employers or a stake in a company that’s soared in value — so much so that it represents an extreme percentage of their wealth.

The San Francisco company helps clients exchange or swap concentrated holdings, tax-free, into a communal fund that represents a far more diversified portfolio.

“Concentrated stock positions are a very common problem, especially in Silicon Valley, because a higher percentage of employees’ annual income is in stock,” said Srikanth Narayan, founder and CEO of Cache, who knows of the challenge firsthand as a former engineer at Uber.”

Cache is working with several money management firms, including Pleasanton-based Adero Partners, since the startup’s services are appealing to those doing estate planning, reported.”

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