Aaron WhiteCFP®

Chief Growth Officer | Wealth Advisor

Bay Area

Aaron WhiteCFP®

Chief Growth Officer | Wealth Advisor

Bay Area

Aaron White is a Principal at Adero with over 17 years of experience in pre-liquidity planning, wealth transfer, private investments, and tax strategy.

As Adero’s Chief Growth Officer, Aaron focuses on business development, strategic partnerships, marketing, and supporting our advisor team.

Before joining Adero in 2009, Aaron worked as a business valuation and litigation consultant for a regional accounting firm. He provided business and stock option (409A) valuation services for early-stage companies and forensic financial analysis for expert testimony.

Aaron graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Finance degree from the University of San Francisco and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.

What do you enjoy most about Adero?

I love helping clients reduce their tax liabilities! Some of my most successful planning engagements include: multiplying the $10M exemption for QSBS, early exercising stock options with an 83(b) election, efficient transfers of founder stock using GRATs, vertical slice transfers of carried interest, carry derivatives, deferring capital gains with QOZs, and charitable planning with low basis stock.

Which quality makes you best suited to provide wealth management services?

Curiosity. Asking thoughtful questions and having a genuine interest in building relationships is essential.

What is the greatest value Adero provides to clients?

Adero’s value add is different for every relationship. Some clients need help getting their financial house in order and education about the markets, others look to us for tax expertise and proactive planning. Our Discovery Process helps us identify where we can provide the greatest impact, often in areas our clients had not previously considered.

What is one fun fact about you?

Many years ago I was a contestant on the Wheel of Fortune gameshow. I solved two puzzles in the early rounds, won a trip to Barcelona, and made it to the bonus round. The final puzzle was worth $30,000. It was a “phrase” and I didn’t have much to work with:

_ _ _ / m _ _ / _ e _ i _

You have 10 seconds to solve it… good luck!

What do you love to do outside of work?

Playing and coaching ice hockey, spirited driving, fitness, and traveling with my wife and our two children.

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